|| When I was 6 years old my parents got divorced

|| When I was 6 years old my parents got divorced… ||
I never really thought about it much until my early 20’s.
“How could that have any implications for me now?”
But it did…
I didn’t realize till later in my life that when I was just a little boy I had made up a story about that divorce and accepted it as true.
The story goes like this:
My family is breaking up because my dad is going to get a new job. He needs a new job to make more money… so our family is breaking up because we don’t have enough money… if I want a family I have to make lots of money…
Now … none of that is true… but that didn’t matter… that story I made up as a 6 year old became the underlying program that ran my life for years…
Because the one thing I wanted more than anything was love and connection and family.
And I believed that in order to have that I needed to be super rich… and that pursuit of wealth is what ultimately led me further and further away from the one thing I wanted most… Love.
That is my story… but we all have stories that we made up when we were young that get in the way of what we truly want.
It is this idea that has moved me to put together a workshop called for Love and Money with experts like Mark Groves and Jenn Widney to help couples get aligned and clear with their finances so they can be more connected and intimate in their relationships.
As a tribute to my mom’s mom and my dad’s dad who both had 50+ year relationships with their spouses before being diagnosed with Alzheimers… 100% of the proceeds from this event are being donated to the Alzheimers society.
for more details check out this page on my website 🙂