Whoda thunkit

Whoda thunkit! Wasn’t that long ago we had an administration trying to arrest and obstruct actual law enforcement for….wait for it…enforcing the law, and today I am reading where an assortment of city leaders, mayors and such are vowing to…yes, wait for it…not enforce American law….wow this has got to be confounding to a youngster trying to figure out which path is best…which laws do I choose to ignore and which ones do I follow? Only in America? No! Only in a progressive liberal America, but this won’t continue unabated because the majority of Americans are firmly rooted and grounded in the rule of law being enforced, you know, the Americans who are busy every day working for a living trying to pursue life, liberty and happiness, saving up to pay their taxes and breaking their backs to pay the bills, and evidently just simply ignored by the media…again and again and again….meanwhile the media continues to twist the truth of what is happening. We want criminals dealt with-that is all. No-one is chasing down people who are working and providing for their families. …gotta go to work now…it’s gonna be a good day because the Lord made it and I will rejoice and be glad in it no matter what the media says, ha!