WHY SHOULD I ENGAGE IN MONEY RITUALS FOR WEALTH? (Part.2). Many years ago, one ignoramus was telling someone about Bishop David Oyedepo and his ministry. Saying “The way this church is growing and the kind of prosperity that this man commands, he must have buried cow in the church premises.” When the news reach Bishop Oyedepo, he said no qualms, cow is cheap, let him go and buy ten cows and bury them and see whether he will command the same order of prosperity. No wonder a wise man said “What people don’t understand, they criticize”. Maybe it is the cow that has grown the church to almost 600,000 weekly worshippers in Canaanland today. Talkless of other branches worldwide. It is still in my Bible that “Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished; but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.” (Proverbs 13:11). For those of you out there who made your money through money rituals, you have succeeded in attracting curses that would last for generations unless there’s a divine intervention. How can you shed blood for money and expect to go scot-free? How can you enter a coffin or bow to a shrine, idol, or cult for money and have peace of mind? Who told you that Satan could make you rich? Don’t you know that none of his gift is free? Satan will live you with more inflictions than you have before you embraced him. Be wise! I have personally observed the end of the people who became rich through money rituals, cultism and other fraudulent ways, all of them ended up in a tragic way. But you can escape today if only you will embrace Jesus Christ. He’s the only way to true and lasting wealth. It was for your sakes that he became poor that you might be rich. (2nd Corinthians 8:9) Renounce your allegiance to that strange god and group today and start to enjoy eternal peace. Welcome to the realms of success without sweat. Breakthrough without limits. It is a new dawn for you. I thank God you made it into the kingdom at last! Congratulations!!! Amayo O Kingsley