You’re in a BAR FIGHT

You’re in a BAR FIGHT!!!!! Use the first 7 people in your tag list. No cheating!
Starts the fight: Adam Copeland
(You gotta watch out for those historical fantasy authors!)
Hits someone with a bar stool: Roslyn McFarland
(Was it one of those heavy-duty teak ones? That would hurt!)
Falls off a bar stool: Susan E Sussman
(I’m sure it was because someone snatched it out from under you. I’m looking at you, Roslyn)
Hits someone for no reason: Emily French
(I’m sure they way had it coming!)
At the bar still enjoying their drink: AJ Downey
(Because no one and I mean no one is so dumb as to mess with her)
Throws someone out the window: Kasey Keckeisen
(I’m sure it was a beautifully executed throw, too)
The one being thrown out the window: Joe Dealy
(Thereby saving a lot of bloodshed because I know what you like to collect …)